Small Towns, Big Solutions was founded by placemaker and entrepreneur Andrew Salmons. Andrew is an experienced entrepreneur and downtown director who has a passion for sharing with others the practical solutions he’s encountered for successful downtown revitalization. Over the years Andrew has been able to develop and test several proven methods that any main street or business district can apply, as well as learn incredible solutions from some of the world’s top placemakers and urban planners.

After living several years in South America, Andrew returned to his hometown in rural appalachia where he was able to develop and implement several successful programs that have transformed the downtown into a livable and exciting part of the community. Small Towns, Big Solutions seeks to share those insights and experiences with a growing network of fellow main street managers, economic developers and placemakers.

By joining the Small Towns Network you’ll be able to learn the successful strategies used by Andrew and others as well as gain valuable insights from a growing community of placemaking professionals. If you’d like to learn more or sign up, please follow the link below.