Amazing Public Spaces in Burlington, VT

Awesome placemaking example from Burlington, VT. Photo via Facebook

Here at Small Towns, Big Solutions we want to share and champion excellent examples of placemaking found throughout the world. Placemaking is the simple principle that our cities and built environments should be designed¬†for people and not automobiles. Placemaking also espouses the idea that people organically define the identity of a place, that identity doesn’t belong to a brand or corporation but to the history and people that make up a place, and that the identity of a place is highlighted and displayed for all to see and interact with. When we see cities creating vibrant spaces for its citizens and visitors we want to share those stories. Burlington, VT is one of those places. has done an excellent job capturing the spirit and vitality of this community and now we are happy to share it with you.

Andrew Salmons

Andrew Salmons

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